Creating and opening sitemaps

G-Mapper has moved to a new home.

G-Mapper supports unlimited sitemaps and the same process can be used for adding each of your sitemaps.

Creating a sitemap

When you first start G-Mapper you'll want to create your first sitemap.

  • Load G-Mapper from the start menu
  • Once loaded select New from the File menu.
  • Enter a map name and click ok.
  • The sitemap configuration wizard will then load.

Opening a sitemap

  • To open an existing sitemap from the File menu select Open.
  • Form the list of sitemaps either double click a sitemap or select it and click Open.

What's next

If you've created a new sitemap you'll need to configure your sitemap.

If you're opening an existing sitemap you're most likely to want to reindex your sitemap.

Useful links

Useful links