Spider Types

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G-Mapper supports 3 different modes of spidering to index your website :

List the files in a particular folder on my computer

In this mode you tell G-Mapper the folder where your website files are stored on your computer and it looks through the folder and its sub folders to find any files to include.

Spider my website on my computer

In this mode you tell G-Mapper where your homepage is saved on your computer then G-Mapper looks for links in the homepage and follows them to locate the files on your computer and index them.

Spider my live website

In this mode you tell G-Mapper your website address and it will follow links from the homepage indexing them as it goes.

This mode is likely to be the slowest as each page must be downloaded and searched for links and images.

Note : To prevent G-Mapper being used to index any site you must copy a small code into your website exactly as it appears in the configuration screen.

G-Mapper will use the Last-Modified response header as the file modified date.